College Planning doesn't have to be stressful.

Most parents make these 5 mistakes without even realizing it.

Avoid these 5 Mistakes to help your child qualify for the most financial aid.

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When I was 23 years old, I was in a severe car accident that gave me two choices... lose my leg or lose my life.

I lost my ability to work to pay for my education at Cal State University. My parents were divorcing. I was drowning in medical bills and student loan debt.


My life made a 180 in 1 day and I was not prepared for it.

My name is Jason Timmons and I am a certified college consultant with a bachelors degree in Broadcasting and Film/Communications. To top it off, I am a licensed insurance agent registered with the states of California and Nevada.

My Mission is to give you the tools you need as a parent to prepare your child for a successful life - no matter what life takes you through.

I have partnered with parents from all over Southern California to send their child to the right college and on the right career path WITHOUT drowning in student loans.

I am here to be your best guide to make you feel alive in what could be a daunting experience.

Feel Confident, Focused, and Stable.

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